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Game Conduct and Organization
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Game Conduct and Organization


All the work and effort is put forth for one primary objective, to win the football game.  We expect you to win, but more important, we expect to play to our maximum abilities regardless of the score or time remaining in the game.


We have the best pre-game warm-up in the state and this is important, because it illustrates our class from the moment we step onto the field until we walk off when the game is over. 



1.  You are a Saber and you are a winner. You are the best-prepared football team in the state and you will prove it in the next three hours.

2.  Our pre-game warm-up is important. Take pride in it.  The warm-up is used to get ready to play a game both mentally and physically. 

3.   Captains always check the bench on all penalties.

4.   Never lose your poise.

5.  Be kind to officials--address them as “sir” or “mister”.  Say nothing else to them.  They officiate and you play.

6.  Do not talk to your opponents. Under no circumstances say anything negative or derogatory to them.  You are better and bigger then that.  The scoreboard will show who is the better team. 

7.   Encourage your teammates and help them up.

8.   Remember the momentum is always going our way.  Don’t get discouraged if

      the breaks go against us.  They will even up.

9.   Do not sit down or kneel during time-outs.

10. Never come off the field unless someone comes in for you and tells you that you are out. 

11. Always stay behind the set bounds for you as a player; don’t make coaches keep asking you to move back.

12.  Never go on the field unless cleared by a coach.

13.  Always play with enthusiasm.

14.  Play with intelligent recklessness.

15.  Always have your head gear near you while you are on the sidelines.

16.  Don’t let adversity destroy your desire to win.

17. If you are injured, make every attempt to get up and shake it off.  If you cannot get up and continue to play or make it to the sidelines, we will call time-out and carry you off the field.

18.  Always sprint on and off the field.

19. Always go to your designated bench as you come off the field first, then the coach will make adjustments and let you catch a breather.

20. At the conclusion of the game sprint to the end zone after shaking hands with your opponent. 

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