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Locker Room and Equipment Procedures.
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Locker Room And Equipment


 1.        NO FOOTBALL shoes worn inside.

 2.        Hang all equipment in your locker room in the proper place and lock your locker.

 3.        Do not throw tape or trash on the floor. Clean up after yourself.

 4.        Absolutely not horseplay in the locker rooms.

 5.        Wear all equipment unless practice schedule calls for less.

 6.        Always check equipment such as strings, straps, and the air in your helmet before each practice.

 7.        Do not alter your equipment.

 8.        You must wash all equipment at least once a week.

 9.        No tape on the outside of game uniform.

10.       Never throw or sit on your helmet.

11.       Show class indealing with the equipment and managers.

Helmet Procedures for players


1.  Do not use the helmet to butt, ram, or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of the rules of football and can result in severe head, brain, or neck injuries, as well as cause paralysis or death.  The scope of these injuries could include,but is not limited to, the following: headaches, concussion, fracture, strains/sprains, quadriplegia (damage to the spinal cord), or death.

2.   There is a risk that these injuries may also occur as a result of accidental contact without intent to butt, ram, or spear.  No helmet can prevent all injuries.

 3.     DO NOT modify,change, or alter the helmet in anyway.

4.     Do not remove labels in the helmet.

5.     Check your helmet each day, and immediately notify the athletic trainer (or coach) who is covering your practice or game of any loose hardware or damage to the facemask or shell.

6.     The chinstrap must bebuckled at all times during play.  If youhave any questions about the fit of your helmet ----- at anytime---- notify the athletic trainer (or coach) immediately.

                                IN ALL BLOCKING AND TACKLING

                              KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND DO NOT

                              USE YOUR HEAD AS A WEAPON!!!





1. You are responsible for all equipment issued to you.  This Includes wraps,arm pads, hand pads, and braces.

2. You are not allowed to paint, decorate, or otherwise deface your equipment

 3. To replace any of your equipment, the corresponding piece must be turned into the equipment room.

 4. You are responsibleto check your equipment, before practice. 

This includes cleats, laces, and screws.  Any repairs should be made before practice.

5. No one but authorized personnel are allowed in the equipment room.  If you have any problems see a coach or the managers.

6. Do not cut jerseys.

7. Wear your mouth piece and all required equipment mandated by the IHSAA.

 8. Equipment not returned after the season will result in the Administrative Building billing you for the value of items missing.

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