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Evaluation of Personal
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Evaluation Of Personal


Five criteria will be used for evaluation and determination of depth chart.


      1. Knowledge of assignments (Concentration, listening habits)

      2. Hustle, hard work,performance in practice and game

      3. Team attitude and Weight room Commitment

      4. Hitting, mental toughness, aggressiveness.

      5. Talent


      1.   Knowledge of Assignments:  A player that makes mental mistakes in practice is telling us that he is not ready to play in a game when his teammates are relying on him to perform up to his capabilities.


     2.   Hustle:Everyone will be expected to hustle throughout the practice sessions.  Your teammates will be giving 100% and they will expect the same from you.  Hustle has nothing to do with talent.  Everyone can give the effort that is required to be successful regardless of ability. 


     3. Team Attitude and Off Season Commitment: The player that puts team before self is more valuable for the success of our program than a selfish player.  Everyone can be a team player. Players that work in the weight room and taking advantage of our out of season workouts show that they are committed to getting better.


      4.  Hitting and Mental Toughness: The coaching staff and your teammates will discover during our fall and summer practice sessions who will play with these characteristics.  It won’t take long to discover people who will hit and be able to take hits.


      5.  Talent:If the above four characteristics are equal, then the player who has the most talent will be given the preference.  However, talent will not enter into our evaluation until we look closely at the first four qualities.  In the extremely rare case of all things being equal, the preference would go to the player closest to graduation.  Obviously, if you are handicapped with an injury it will be difficult for us to evaluate you.


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